Top 10 Piracy & P2P Blogs

November 26, 2009 – 2:25 pm

These sites are arguably the most influential commentators with news and views on piracy, P2P, digital media, DRM, Usenet, IP and filesharing …

How we did it

Sites were selected from our own bookmarks, technorati and blog search engines. These were then ranked according to Page Rank, Alexa Rank, Sites Linking In (Alexa), Latest Post Date and our own quality score out of 10 (the latter being entirely subjective based on our own views on the site’s insight, editorial prowess and relevance to the piracy debate). We’re the first to agree that there is an abundance of further measures we could have used however we deemed those above to be the most indicative.

The Top 10

  1. law & disorder (arstechnica) – strong editorial and news with great breadth of views on piracy (arstechnica were good enough to give us a write up in October but be assured this did not sway their position here!)
  2. – broader than just piracy and p2p and a popular site with some great content on emerging business models for digital content
  3. TorrentFreak – the team at torrentfreak are hands down the best source for the latest news and views on P2P and run the related Freakbits site. TF’s Ernesto did a Top 10 P2P, Piracy and Copyfight blogs list a while back at however TF did not seem to make the cut at the time!
  4. Techdirt – tech news with a strong focus on piracy and P2P
  5. (Technology: Piracy) – The guardian has devoted an entire category to piracy in their technology section to cover IP, digital media (video/audio) and DRM. Some great coverage of piracy news and trends in Europe
  6. cnet news: digital media – terrific resource for digital media news which regularly includes piracy, DRM, P2P etc
  7. NewTeeVee – everything you will ever need to know about the world of online video including business models, technologies, trends and ideas
  8. p2pnet – no piracy blog list would be complete without a mention of the p2pnet team who remain strong advocates for the power of P2P and provide regular news and editorial on filesharing.
  9. Digital Music News – the complete source for news and views of digital music with a deep focus on how this is impacting the major labels
  10. – filesharing, digital media and tech news and how tos as well as some terrific video content covering usenet newgroups (a frequently forgotten filesharing practice)

One group of blogs/sites we assessed but who fell short of the top 10 were anti-piracy sites such as, The Industry Trust and These tended to score poorly across all the criteria for content and popularity – possibly indicative of a larger challenge these organizations have in engaging their audience.

What next …

While the science behind our ranking means our very own did not make it into the top 10 just yet, you can have the chance to change this. If you have strong views on the state of play in piracy and the rapidly evolving world of digital media, you may be interested to know that is (reluctantly) for sale – a great opportunity to get your views heard for what is an amazingly low outlay (current bid at time of posting is a mere $10!). Bidding ends on 30 November.

Any other of your favorite piracy & p2p sites that are missing from the top 10? Let us and our readers know in the comments below …

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